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Crossing Jordan

I stand on Jordan's banks and watch the swelling tide,
I know I have loved ones just on the other side.
The River is deep and wide an far I can not see,
But it seems that I can hear Mom calling out to me.
" Take care my child we'll meet again one day,
Just keep the faith you'll find your way."
The storm around me rages and it's dark as night.
I know not when across the river I'll take my flight.
I know not how I will cross or by what form,
I only know the one who calms the storm.
When I step into the Jordan and am swept beneath the tide,
I know my Lord will be there to transport me to the other side.
Dad and Mom ,all my loved ones who've gone on before,
Will be waiting by the River on the younder shore.
Once again we'll be together, and death
won't separate us any more.

By : Irma Brown September 18 , 2000
In Memory of Dad and Mom
Dad 3-20-1916--10-15-1992
Mom 10-17-1907--7-21-2000

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